Thursday, June 17, 2010


                         For weeks I have been saying I am going to switch my computer room and my spare bedroom. But I just kept putting it off over and over again.

Finally I got myself in gear started a little here and a little there, and then I went to be with intentions on waking this morning and finally starting to accomplish what I've wanted for a while now.

I am not done by any means but, the big stuff has been moved. The computer, modem, and telephone. The fax machine, printer and extra table to put it on, so I have more room on my desk. Yeah more room to get cluttered up. LOL

 Moved the bed from here to there, but first I had to move the futon and dresser to the other side of the room, and before that I had to shampoo the rug. So all the big stuff is in place, I feel better now.

Funny thing about cleaning, I mean deep cleaning. You find stuff either you forgot you have, or stuff you've been looking for in the recent past.

I found my earrings I have been looking weeks for... ended up falling behind the computer desk. There was no way I would have found them without moving the desk, I barely found them with it moved.

I decided before I even bring the drawers to the computer desk in here that I would clean them out. I have one small drawer, a file drawer and a cabinet with a shelf. The small drawer has not been cleaned in years. I barely even go in it. I think I keep adding things here and there. Well I dumped it all out on the desk, found printer ink I didn't know I had for a printer that is long gone. A thermometer that I didn't even know still existed. Bunch of screws, tacs, other things that belong in a tool drawer.

While moving my futon, I found my stapler that my grandson got his hands on and it disappeared. I found a box with crafts in it, that I didn't remember putting there. This was cool because I was looking for something in particular that was in it. It was just brought up in conversation a week ago, I looked in to other craft boxes and when it wasn't in either of them, I could not for the life of me figure out what happened to it.

My next day off I plan on doing the rest of the little things, wonder what I will find then. I can't wait until its all finished, I will feel so much more organized. ☺

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