Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June's Give-away winner

 The results are in.... a winner has been picked.

I am very happy with the results with the amount of entries this month, they tripled from last month. But, I guess when last months entries were (3), that wasn't to hard to beat. LOL Well, everyone has to start somewhere.

We were watching our grandson today, and while he was here I had him pick June's winner. 

He made sure to shake up the box and was really excited to pick it. So much, that he was having a hard time waiting for me to get pictures of him doing it. 

Waiting not so patiently

Shaking the box

Reaching in 

Got one

 Opening up the winner

Attempting to read the name of the winner 


Close up of the winner picked.... 
......Congratulations Michele Pineda !!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Michele!!

Michele P. said...

thanks! just got back from Guatemala and wanted to thank you again :) have a great week!