Monday, June 28, 2010

Chunky peanut butter

The other day my husband looked out the window from his chair and noticed a crow in the recycle bins, and told me to take a look but to move slowly.

I was not able to see the crow from where I was standing in the room, so I slowly worked my way over to the window to try and catch a glimpse.

Well the crow saw me before I saw it, and decided to fly away, but not before grabbing an empty jar of peanut butter. I watched it fly to the house across the street, onto the rooftop to sit on their chimney.
Of course my camera was upstairs, so I ran up to get it, but by the time I made it back down it was gone.

My husband suggested I put some of the chunky peanut butter, I picked up by mistake, out onto the porch to lure him back. I really didn't know what to put it in that wouldn't fall or get swept away by the wind. So I decided to just smear it onto the porch banister. It sat for a few days with only a small bird coming back here and there for a little.

As we were outside watching the fireworks from our local park, my grandson asked me why I had peanut butter on the banister, so I told him and he thought I was nuts or something, no pun intended LOL

Yesterday morning my grandson was watching some squirrels come up and eat it. I did not know this until I mentioned to him that there was just a squirrel on the porch eating it. I showed him the pictures and told him  this is why I put the peanut butter there. He did get to see one again after that, but was so excited that he ran to the front door opened it and scared it away.

As of this morning the peanut butter is all gone, but I did get some not so great pictures of the squirrel yesterday evening and a little video and would like to share.

Oh and if you watch the video, the back ground noise is my air conditioner. As I watched it for the first time, I could not for the life of me figure out what it was, then it hit me ☺☺ Enjoy!

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