Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day's off

 I work any where from 3 to five days a week. The shifts are 7.5 to 8.5 hrs on my feet. I am a cashier.

The days I work, I usually wait until the last minute to get up to get ready to walk out the door. So I don't really do anything before work other then get myself ready for the day ahead of me.

Leave out the dog, the cat if he has been in during the night, or now sneaks in when my husband leaves the dog out in the wee hours of the morning, when he gets up for work. I eat breakfast (while sitting in front of the computer checking fb and things).
Then its a shower, unless I was smart enough to do it the night before, and in that case, trying to do something with my hair.
Then there's lunch, better to take from home then pay more at work to eat, I been trying hard to put that together the night before, but that doesn't always work.
In-between all that is finding clothes and getting dressed.
I try my best to remember not to walk out the door without a bottle of water, that I re-use. I hate forgetting and then having to buy a new one, I have so many of them floating around here.
Then if I was up early enough or it's not raining, I walk to work, if not I take a cab.

So get to work,work my shift and then a walk back (unless I get a ride from someone) home. Normally I do not get out of work til about 5, 6 at the latest.
So by the time I get back in the door its late. Now I have to figure out something for supper, because I'm not smart enough to do that the day before.  NO! Why would I want to do that then? Make things easier for my self? What fun is that!

But first, I kick off the shoes and head straight up to the computer, turn it on, bathroom break and then on the computer for about an hour winding down from the day. Back down stairs to get supper on, wash a few dishes, straighten up the kitchen ect. Then its sitting down with the hubby in front of the TV while eating and watching either a movie or the new or something Discovery channel.

It's about 7-8 by the time I'm done with all this. I want to relax for the rest of the night, watch my shows if any are on, or a movie hubby has found on tv, or back up to the computer for awhile.
There, I try to work on getting the word out that I have an Etsy shop and an Online Lingerie shop. Talk with family, mess around on farmville. Check my email, etc. Then its off to bed.
So the days I work, I don't get much accomplished.

Now to the days off. Unless I have decided to stay up really late the night before, which I have not been doing that much at all lately. I get up anywhere around 7-10 am. First thing I do.... put on the computer, head to the bathroom, then back to the computer for God knows how long. I don't usually get breakfast til about an hour to two after I have woken. Like right now, I woke at 9 and its almost 10:30 and I have not even been down stairs yet. Soon!
But thing is with a day off, you want it to be the day for you. To do what you want, and that's mostly to relax.
Whether it be in front of your computer, the tv, in bed or what ever you decide.
But unfortunately it can't always be like that. Cause there is laundry, dishes, vacuuming,etc. That's just the stuff inside. Outside there is shopping and now that its warm cutting the grass, when it snows, shoveling the walkways or what ever that domestic chore is that you have.

Today I wake up thinking, I want to get so much accomplished I don't want to waste the day away. I wanted to sleep longer then 9am but I made myself get up.

There are so many things I would like to do today. I would like to make something new to go up in my craft store. I want to start on my Mom's Mother's Day present, then there's helping my daughter clean her new apartment or pack before she has to move tomorrow. I want to take a few hours to visit a relative, get some cleaning and laundry done, figure out supper, get into the the garage to clean up for another garage sale.

I figure by the end of the day, what will have been accomplished will probably be, helping my daughter, possibly the visit, dinner will probably be left overs. Then spending some time with the hubby in the evening after he gets home from work. Maybe I will push myself out to go for a walk to the park, but doubtful.

So my intentions are always good thinking, on my day off. But I usually don't accomplish much cause I have so much I want to do, I get so overwhelmed  that I either get only a little done or nothing at all.

So much for it being called "a day OFF"! I really don't think there is such thing.

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